Clash Royale Clan Manager Tool

Kick out the inactive members, reward the actives. Check out with one click your clanmates activity. No need for special statistics, Excels, only for this page to be a perfect clan leader. (See details)
Type in you clan tag without # (eg. 9YPCVJP2) and you can see every important information about your clanmates and you can find out who is active or inactive.

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Clash Royale Clan Manager Tool User's Guide

If you have a clan in Clash Royale, it's cool, you get some donates and XP and Gold for donating. Sometimes you kick out an inactive-looking person and your clan can slowly but surely get better, but you don't have a big chance to get good rewards for Clan Wars, or be on the Local Leaderboard. If you start launch a clan and you want to get it bigger and better, it's a hard work. I suppose to start with low minimum trophies and slowly kick out worse members and increase the minimum trophies number. But who should you kick out? The player with the lowest trophies may besides be one of the best donator or plays and wins every war battle. It takes very long time to look at all his stats, write it in an Excel or something and identify that: "Maybe this guy is the worst" every day. Use this Clan Manager Tool, simply type in your Clan Tag (see below) and see every players' stats and activity.

How to use Clash Royale Clan Manager Tool?

First, you have to know what your clan's clan tag is. You can find it easily, just launch Clash Royale and open the window with the information of your clan (above the chat window, there's a wide button with your clan name and logo on it), and below your clan's name you can see a code-like something looking like this: #9YPCVJP2. Now open the website and insert your clan tag in the field on the top of the page, but without #. If you leave the # there, it may cause errors. Press the GET button and wait a few seconds until the Clan Manager Tool gets the information about your clan and calculates every player's activity. When it loads in, you can scroll down and see every member's stats and activity with green, yellow, red and blue colors. But what do they mean?

  • Green = Active: donates a lot, and plays nearly all Clan Wars with a good win rate - don't kick them out
  • Deep green = Average: Not too much donations, or war activity, but maybe a good win rate, they are also good for the clan, but not as important as an Active member could be, if you want to see your clan on the Leaderboards - don't kick them out if there are members with less activity
  • Orange = Lazy: Sometimes logs in to the game and do some donations or war battles, but not a fanatic and doesn't give a lot to the clan, but better than an Inactive member (see below)
  • Red = Inactive: Fully inactive or has some donations, but doesn't take part in Clan Wars - you should kick them out, but be aware, if you kick out too many players, your clan may have not enough members, so active members will not join (if you can choose from a 49 and a 37 member clan, the 49 memberis a better choice even if it has slightly worse stats)
  • Blue = New Member: joined recently, didn't do a lot for the clan, but didn't have time to do that - even if they have bad stats, give them time to start playing in your clan, maybe they will become your best.

How the Clash Royale Clan Maneger Tool Works?

Clash Royale Clan Manager Tool calculates players' activity with a method that takes the player's stats and gives points for every good one (for example, if the player has more than 125 donations, he/she gets some points, etc.).

The "weights"

  • Donations: 50-100 donations: low weight 100+ donations: two times bigger weight than 50-100 donations
  • War wins: high weight* War loses: half of the War wins' weight* *both divided by the number of war participations to calculate the average winrate
  • 200-500 war cards earned per war (average): low weight 500-700 war cards earned per war (average): medium weight 700+ war cards earned per war (average): high weight

This is a Beta version and may contains minor bugs or unexpected errors. If you have any issues or suggestions, contact us on Twitter: @jatekhir